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Group Announcements

[2018/05/14] Lan Tian and Ze-Dong Mou defended their theses. Congratulations!

[2018/05/14] Our Angewandte Chemie paper was selected as the back cover.

[2017/05/19] Our Angewandte Chemie paper was online.

[2017/04/10] Dr. Xingwei Li and Dr. Xiangping Hu from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences visited our laboratory and presented their research.

[2016/09/19] Our paper was accepted by JACS.

[2016/04/22] Our group published our first paper on ACS Catalysis. Congratulations to Miao Zhan, Ren-Zhe Li, Ze-Dong Mou, and Chao-Guo Cao.

[2016/04/18] The "innovation class" is recruiting.

[2016/03/30] Professor Niu gave a talk at China West Normal University.

[2015/09/17] Professor Niu presented his research at China Pharmaceutical University.

Prof. Dawen Niu


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